Chasing Yield: Secondary, Tertiary Markets to Shine in 2014

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Denny St. Romain believes the equity space will be fluid this year as some investors fall back while new ones step in.

“I think the opportunistic joint venture equity—they put so much money out in the last two or three years in multifamily development that they’re harvesting and want to see how that goes before they put anymore out,” he says. “But, as for most things in real estate, as some people get out, new people will be in.”

St. Romain, managing director for capital markets at Chicago-based Jones Lang Lasalle, sees a shift occurring as opportunities cool off in primary markets, and secondary markets become the shining stars of 2014.

St. Romain is particularly interested in the Southeast and feels many markets in that area have a lot of depth and room for success.

“Florida, Atlanta and the Carolinas (will perform well) despite some concerns in general about supply,” he says. “I think it’ll continue to astound people with growth rates, jobs and population.”

Eric Silverman, of Eastham Capital, is keeping his eye on Texas. He’s also feeling good about interior markets.

“We like Indianapolis,” he says. “We like Cincinnatti. I wish we owned more in Nashville. I think these are the markets that have some opportunity. The prices never have been overly bid up in these markets—there’s still value to be had.”

Silverman, managing director of the Needham, Mass.-based company, is preparing for a busy year. He feels equity will be more available in 2014.