Beauregard Village

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Investment Highlights

Outstanding Leasing Trend

During 2020, In-Place rent increased 6.5% from $0.77/sf to $0.82/sf.

Rare Opportunity in a Tightly Owned Submarket

Just 3 owners control 73% of the units in Clinton, making acquisition opportunities extremely rare.

Recently Renovated with Outstanding Design

The property received nearly $1.3 million in major capital improvements ($17,500 per unit) over the past 3 years.

Clinton: One of Mississippi’s Premier Submarkets

A suburb of Jackson, MS, Clinton is a highly-desirable submarket and boasts impressive fundamentals due to its excellent schools, low crime, and quality employment.


Beauregard Village benefits from a convenient location just 15 minutes from downtown Jackson and its nearly 130,000 jobs.

Free & Clear

Beauregard Village is offered to investors free and clear of any existing debt.

Investment Summary

  • Status: Sold
  • Clinton, MS
  • Total Units: 73
  • Year Built: 1968
  • Occupancy: 89%
  • Avg Unit Size: 956 SF
  • Land Area: 4.60 AC
  • Rentable SF: 69,945 SF


Additional Info

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