Pizitz renovations could start this summer

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Renovation work to the downtown Pizitz building, set to bring nearly 150 apartments and retail to the structure, could begin this summer.

David Silverstein, president of Bayer Properties, which bought the building in 2000, says that plans for Pizitz that werereported by the Birmingham Business Journal in May 2013 are still a go.

While there are no tenants yet to fill the first floor, Silverstein told the BBJ this week that when the time comes, those spaces will be filled.

“We feel confident that we will place the appropriate retail on the first floor, once construction begins,” Silverstein said.

Overall, Bayer looks to build 145 living units in the building, and the first floor will be occupied by a grocery store and a restaurant.

The Pizitz project totals 211,000 square feet of space, with residential occupying 168,000 of that square footage and retail accounting for 22,000.