Upcoming call center could bring more tech jobs to Anniston, officials say

The developer of a call center opening soon in Anniston says he’s excited about what the new jobs will mean for the area, and that there’s potential for even more growth once the company opens.

Todd Davis, an Anniston real estate agent and a developer of the call center project, said Wednesday that in addition to the 150 call center workers Viiz Communications plans to employ, the company has discussed moving other IT development and professional technology jobs to Anniston.

“I’m excited about that. The opportunities are limitless,” Davis said.

Davis said Viiz Communications already has several employees working inside the building at 1809 Hillyer Robinson Parkway, and plans to open the center for a test phase next week.

Viiz Communications operates call centers in Canada, Utah, the Philippines and El Salvador, and handles call center services for large telecommunications companies, including AT&T, Comcast, Level 3 and Earthlink.

A company official told Anniston City Council members at a work session Tuesday that Elwood Staffing will hire for the Anniston call center initially, but that eventually the company will hire in-house.

Elwood Staffing’s Oxford branch website on Wednesday listed job openings for a call center with hourly pay of $8.50. The jobs require a high school diploma or a GED, a drug screening, background check and a typing test, according to the posting.

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